Training Topics for Staff Members/

Board of Directors:

Strategic Planning

Professional Ethics

Diversity in the Workplace

Advanced Writing Skills

Public Speaking

Conflict Resolution

Time Management

Critical Thinking

Working with the Public

Problem Solving

Training Topics for Supervisors/


Media Training and Strategic Communications

Generational Differences

Building Confidence and Assertiveness

Relationship Development

Leadership Lessons from General Mattis

Critical Conversations

Holding Others Accountable

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Strategic Planning: Vision to Outcomes

Training Topics for Directors/City


Succession Management

Strategic Planning: The Future of your Organization

Delegation and Empowerment

Meeting Management

Organizational Culture

Motivating your Workforce


Emotional Intelligence

Problems Solving and Decision Making


These topics can be led live or via webinar in 2-hour, 4-hour, or 7-hour sessions depending on the needs of your workforce and how many topics are needed to advance your organizational goals.

Here are a sample of outstanding resources on these topics.