Half-day workshops range between $2500 - $3000

We do not charge based on the number of participants.  Whether we're working with a couple of managers, a small staff, or a large group, we put in the same amount of work and want everyone to gain the maximum benefit.

Strategic planning sessions start at $2500

These sessions usually include a day and a half or two days.  The first day includes identifying goals of the leadership and capacity of the staff. The second day is a full day of planning from soup to nuts! I also include follow-up phone calls, emails or meetings with management and/or staff to determine progress and possible suggestions for moving forward to your organizational goals.  These are not the kind of sessions where we just talk about visions and goals, but we actually come up with a plan of action and begin implementation.  I will personally follow up to make sure you have reached your desired end state.

Some organizations may find it useful to expand this session into a full year with monthly or quarterly meetings to keep staff accountable to the timelines and final products.  This can be accomplished within a $10,000 - $24,000 budget.

**These costs include preparation time, but may not include the cost of travel or materials.  Call me and I will make sure my training fits your budget.

Webinars are also available at the rate of $200 per hour.

Launch Learning Systems is a woman-owned and veteran-owned small business registered in the state of Florida.  We are registered in D&B and SAM for federal contracts.

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