Today's leaders are faced with the challenge of static mission descriptions and stalled resources while the environment in which they serve is in the midst of unprecedented change and changing expectations.  Launch Learning Systems understands that underlying statutes, regulations and organizational culture - not to mention budgets and skill sets - that support today's service organizations were formulated in a different technology and societal era.  Simply put, the world has changed but the rules and tools for organizations with service missions have not.

Many organizations find that their workforce are increasingly frustrated and may be retreating to just fulfilling the bare minimum of their assignments.  At the same time, customers get tired of "the bureaucracy."  The result is that while the job is getting done, employees become risk-adverse and therefore creativity and innovation are kept boxed away in favor of avoiding complaints and criticism.

Launch Learning Systems was founded to provide a new kind of Leadership Development training and new ways to think about Strategic Planning - that take advantage of unique experiences that directly apply in today's complex environment.  Launch Learning is a Woman-Owned and Veteran-Owned Small Business.  We have observed through personal experience and extensive study of diverse organizations how to achieve breakthrough thinking.  We strive to see both the big goals of an organization while setting a plan to complete the small details.

The core elements of Launch's services are built around strategies and engagement techniques to break the inertia and stale thinking that is common for many of today's workers.  Even the best leaders need to shake things up from time to time.  Our name describes how we help a team launch from their current plateau to achieve an exciting new level of performance that engages them personally and rewards them professionally.

Launch Learning Systems is not a check-in-the-box provider of standard administrative curricula.  We build lasting relationships with management and staff and we want to see your organization and your people succeed.   We tailor our products to fit your organization and your budget.