Our goal is to provide interesting, entertaining and valuable training that will empower staffs, develop new leaders, and encourage existing management to think differently about on-going challenges.  We work with professionals in the public sector (municipal staffs, elected officials, military and civil servants), non-profits and private industry, to advance their organization's mission and help them achieve long term goals.   Training topics include strategic planning, succession management, professional ethics, problem solving, generational differences, and more - see our entire list of training topics.

Half-Day Workshops

Each workshop is uniquely designed to fit the people and the organization with which we are working.  In establishing the needs of your organization, we will determine whether our focus will be on staff members, new leaders or existing leaders.  We will design a half-day workshop to utilize their time effectively and achieve maximum benefit.  For all three groups, critical thinking, problem solving, and professional ethics are at the core of our training.

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Full Day Leadership Workshops

In 2013, I was asked by the California City Clerks Association to lead a training session called Athenian Dialogue.  We used the book "Team of Rivals" about the Lincoln Administration, and this was the beginning of a new leadership development training model, and a new way of thinking for me as an elected leader.  In addition to the Team of Rivals training, we also utilize "Team of Teams" training learning from the military's special operations forces.  We will apply leadership models including The Chess Master and The Gardner, and lessons from military and political leaders.  If we are focusing on new or existing leaders, we will include sections on emotional intelligence, building relations with stakeholders and strategic communications.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning sessions are at least one day but often expand into a second day, several weeks or even months.  I have found that once an organization identifies goals, writes a mission statement, or the leader articulates expectations, there is the need to follow up with a specific plan of implementation.  That plan should also be followed up by a plan of accountability, re-calibration,  risk-analysis, budgeting, and messaging.  Then we need to circle back and often start again with our mission, vision and expectations - adjusting and adapting throughout the process.  Strategic planning and implementation is a long and thorough process, but can be extremely rewarding at the final roll out!

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Launch Learning Systems is a third-party certified woman-owned, veteran-owned small business registered in the state of Florida.

For federal contracts: CAGE: 7W3G0.  DUNS #: 080724929


Next Steps...

Contact Dr. Casey Lucius directly to book a class, workshop or strategic planning session live or via webinar.  Email casey@caseylucius.com to inquire about availability and pricing.  Thank you!